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Hawassa is a young, 56 years old, city established with master plan in Ethiopia. Hawassa can be considered as one of the best developed cities in Ethiopia. So far there is remarkable progress in the socio economic development with an integrated efforts of government bodies , residents and other organizations in Hawassa and abroad since its establishment.

In its historical development, Hawassa was gradually developed to Municipality level in accordance with proclamation number 51/2002 SNNPRS in May 20, 1995.E.C .Since then, the municipality has been led by mayor, and accountable to regional government. The city administration has the following structure:




Currently Hawassa city consists of 8 sub cities and 32 villages/Kebelles each having its own administration offices.

  • Misrak Sub city
  • Menaheria Sub city
  • Tabor Sub city
  • MehalKetema Sub city
  • HaikDar Sub city
  • AddisKetema Sub city
  • BahelAdarash Sub city and
  • Hawella Tulla Sub city



Each sub city consists a minimum of 2, and maximum of 12 villages. From 32 villages make up Hawassa city, three of the earlier Kebeles- wukro kebele in Misrak sub city, Addis Ababa kebele in MehalKetema, and Harar kebele of BahelAdarash Sub city have maintained their former names. The rest 29 villages have been established recently relatively which signifies the dynamic growth of the city.


Under Hawassa city Administration, there are offices with specific duties and responsibilities to give services as government service delivering organization: The major offices under Hawassa City administration are:


  • Hawassa City Adminstration Health Department
    This office is responsible for the overall health related activities in Hawassa City. It is also involved in the activities related to higine and sanitation. It also supervises the activities of health facilities in the city in light with the rules, regulations and government policy.

  • Hawassa City Adminstration Children, Youth and Women Office
    It is the main body that is acting on behalf of the government to promote socio economic development and well being of children, women and youth in Hawassa. It overlooks the activities of NGOs or other institutions who are performing activities related to women, youth and children.

  • Hawassa City Adminstration Trade and Industry Development
    The overall business related activities are given permission and other guidelines from this brureau. The bureau also works to ensure faire trade activities, business development and regulations.

  • Hawassa City Adminstration Finance and Economic Development
    This bereau is mainly in charge with the overall development and financial aspects of the city administration. It has the mandate to administer the budget of the city administration and other related tasks

  • Hawassa City Adminstration Agriculture Development Department
    This bureau is in charge of promoting and following up agricutlral practices in Hawassa city and the nearby area. It is also in charge of agriccultural products and other related activities.