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HawassaOnline.com has a rich online information content about Hawassa City and other issues. In addition to city information, we have a rich collection of resources on different issues such as health , fitness, business, lifestyle, legal ,vacancies, tenders, news, educational materials and information contents that are viewed by viewers searching those information through web portals.
Advertising with HawassOnline, can help to promote your organization, business or idea to different users that are potential customers and be accessible to foreign and local viewers regardless of space and time.
We offer different advertising. promotion and membership package and services. These include:
Website Design and Online Promotion.
We offer a variety of Dynamic websites; that you can edit its contents easily; responsive; websites users can use on Computers, Tabs and Phones; Integrated with social media and analytics and visitor statistics
Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting
You can host and register your website with as that has guarantee and customer support with high qualified professionals.
 Business Directory Listing
HawassaOnline.com has at the top rank regarding information about Hawassa city on most widely used portals such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We offer variety of Directory listing packages starting from free directory listing to Multimedia rich internet media.
Job and Vacancy Listing
We have more than 10 thousand posts of Tenders and Vacancy announcements in the past few months. You can be reached by millions of audiences in short period of time and get promoted.
Special Information Packages
There are also different packages we are offering for different customers based on their specific need and requirement. Including, business cards, brochures and e-brochures, photography, documentary movies, Search Engine Optimization and other graphics works.
Please contact us using our contact us page or with the following address:
     Physical Office: Alliance Building, Fourth Floor # 411
Website: www.hawassaonline.com / www.meleketinfomration.com
Email: info@hawassaonline.com / hawassaonline@gmail.com
Tele: +251 462121 388 / +251 94650 9290
P.O.Box: 1939
Hawassa, Ethiopia